In dialogue we trust!

Professional competence and internationalism coupled with a cordial, open relationship with colleagues – an important reason to be part of Face to Face.
Gudrun H. Hölzer, HölzerDesign

Why am I a member? The quest for inspiration: How do others go about it? A question that everyone has asked themselves. I am interested in seeing things from a new perspective. Design from a different perspective, the designer’s, the customers’ or other cultures’. F2F brings us closer to the “other”, allows us to share in it – I find that very inspiring.
Heike Maier, Swiss Branding

For me, Face to Face is encounter, exchange, inspiration, stimuli.
Isabell Prießnitz, Design unter Teck

For seven years now, F2F has been the date I look forward to every year, and it is a date that has never disappointed me.
André Riehle, Yupanqui & Riehle

For me, face to face means communication, exchange, creative community, networking without rivalry.
Udo Rippstein, factum | adp

F2F: surprising, exciting, uniting!
Sibylle Schlaich, moniteurs

Eagerly leaving your own four walls, visiting your architect and product-designer neighbours, getting to know the most varied clients and projects, bumping into the design worlds of other cultures, travelling, eating, drinking and exchanging frank views with open, relaxed colleagues – that’s what face to face is about.
Dieter Soldan, soldan kommunikation

Why am I a member of Face to Face?
For me, as a brand designer who takes a holistic approach, F2F is one of the best platforms for exchanging views, getting informed and reflecting. And I always meet very open, pleasant people I enjoy being with.
Helge Pino Ulrich, Visualis

Face to Face is an active designers’ association. Its events are refreshingly different in format from those of the established players. This makes an exchange of views on this platform a valuable complement to design work – one I can really recommend.
Lutz Wahler, Big Picture Communication

Face to Face gives me the opportunity to get to know nations via design, as well as the mentality of designers and their customers. I gain a lot from it personally – and have done for years.
Rafael Yupanqui, Yupanqui & Riehle