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Face to Face is the only design conference worldwide to constantly bring design clients and professional designers onto the stage together – since 2001. They make design processes publicly known, and present projects from design, architecture and the world of business. The partner country of Face to Face changes every year.

F2F12: Corporate Cooperations

International conference for business and design
2012.11.15 - 2012.11.17
Film, media and design city Ludwigsburg

This year, everything is focused on the topic „Corporate“.

Face to Face will bring together what belongs together by connecting the disciplines Corporate Design, Corporate Communications and Corporate Publishing in an interdisciplinary and cross-media manner. Therefore, besides those responsible for managing design processes in their respective enterprises and their designers, also experts from marketing and PR will be on stage in November and encounter each other in dialogue.

Entrepreneurs, designers, copywriters, PR professionals, online-strategists and many more: they all contribute to designing communication. With this focus, in 2012 we remain in our own country – Germany meets Germany – and catch a whiff of the somehow strange air, in spite of joint projects, of neighbouring industries,

The city of Ludwigsburg and the fonts manufactory and library Linotype sponsor, and leading trade media, business- and design organisations support Face to Face. The visual image of the F2F12 conference is designed by Yupanqui&Riehle, Offenburg.

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