In dialogue we trust!

Face to Face is lively. And exclusive. Only F2F members travel together to the partner countries of the annual conferences. Members also meet for activities and meetings outside the established series of events. This forges good relationships. In dialogue we trust!

Trips for members, excursions, and gastronomic studio discussions allow participants to take a look behind the scenes in their colleagues’ studios, to find out how others work, and to meet to exchange experience in a real working environment. Quite inadvertently, this gives rise to new contacts, and these may develop into collaborative projects. And if a client also happens to be present, then face to face discussion can take its course …

2012.10.09 - 2012.10.14

F2F Trip to Estonia

2007.09.18 - 2007.09.22

F2F Trip to Italy

2006.02.12 - 2006.02.15

F2F DesignXport Taiwan

2005.11.20 - 2005.11.25