In dialogue we trust!

At Face to Face, the focus is on dialogue between professional designers and design clients: bringing people together – actively, directly, and across borders. Face to Face eschews the vanities that are common to the industry. Face to Face aims to create trust and personal relationships.

2012.03 Design conference under new project management

»Face to Face«, the conference for business and design, is under new management from April onwards. Founder and initiator of the conference Henning Horn hands over responsibility for the event after 11 years to Sylvia Pietzko. He accepts the new professional challenge as Corporate Design Manager at an internationally directed enterprise for branded goods. Henning Horn still remains chairman and source of inspiration for the development association Face to Face e.V..

Pietzko, owner of an agency for integrated communication in Wiesbaden, has extensive experience in project and event management. As digital media designer, PR consultant and with a degree in art and media sciences she is best qualified. »I am certain of the Face to Face conference for business and design being in good hands with her«, says Horn. »The development association fully backs this decision, too«, he reinforces.

The next F2F conference will take place in Novemer 2012 in Ludwigsburg. Details will be made public as soon as the negotiations with this year's partner country are concluded.

2011.09 F2F11 Portugal Germany with top line-up

Top ranking designers have agreed to give presentations at the Conference for Economy and Design F2F11. The German-Portuguese meeting of design experts and their clients from producing and service industries as well as trade and commerce will take place from 24th to 26th of November in Ludwigsburg, the city of film, media and design.

Those responsible for managing design processes in their respective enterprises as well as their designers – clients and experts together – will present and discuss pioneering projects, ranging from brand development to product design and user interface design to architecture.

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2011.07 F2F Excursion to Tallinn

From September 20 to 25 Face to Face is offering an excursion to the lively city of Tallinn, European Capital of Culture 2011: Get an impression of the baltic country's dynamic development now, visit local design studios, take part in the European Innovation Festival IF and »Tallinn Design Night«, present your own projects in a design seminar organised by Face to Face, meet designers from all over Europe, invest in personal networking …
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2011.07 Face to Face with partner country Portugal

Portugal is this year's partner country at the 11th conference for economy and design, »Face to Face« (F2F11). The international meeting of design experts and their clients from producing and service industries as well as trade and commerce will take place from 24th to 26th of November in Ludwigsburg, the city of film, media and design.

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2011.03 iF Communication Design Award for Party Kit at F2F10

Sandra Ewald and Dagmar Korintenberg from »raumservice«, a Stuttgart-based agency for events and design, received the if Communication Design Award 2011 together with their contractor Face to Face. The designers developed the »Partybaukasten« (party kit), a ground-breaking events concept which was put into action for the first time in November 2010 in Ludwigsburg during the international design conference »Face to Face: 10 Years, 10 Nations«.

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2010.11 France awarded once again for the best design dialogue


A contribution from France got rewarded with the »Face to Face Award«, an award for the best collaborate project communication at the 10th International Design Conference »Face to Face: 10 Years, 10 Nations« at the Reithaus, Ludwigsburg.

Laurence Chansigaud from the Association Orane and Cedric Malo from the design bureau Tabas in Marseille presented the ups and downs of their work on the visual appearance for the music festival Marsatac. At the center of attention were creative problem solving issues as well as the human aspects, which the client and her design partner had to work through in seven years of collaborative creation. Closely following in the rating of the audience were the British-Danish trio consisting of designers Sarah Parris and Howard Wakefield and their client Henrik Kjerrumgaard from the Liberal Party of Danemark »Radikale Venstre« and dead even Fidel Peugeot, Austrian by choice. The latter got acknowleded because of the way this soloist included the audience after his client was indisposed on short notice. This year's Face to Face Award, which was funded by the font manufacture and library Linotype, was allotted for the third time for the best podium dialogue between a design commissioner and his designer. Determining was the vote of the approximately 200 conference participants. »It is important for us, to demonstrate to the speakers and the audience how crucial dialogue is to lead a design project to success« says Henning Horn, initiator of Face to Face.

The Face to Face idea

Design processes have two sides, the side of the client and the side of the designer. Seen from the outside this looks quite simple. But joint success often comes about only after a roller coaster ride of briefings and meetings, presentations and discussions. An open dialogue is therefore the key to succeed. The initiative "Face to Face" is dedicated to this dialogue and promotes a constructive coming together apart from political demands and financial interests. With the motto "In dialogue we trust!" Face to Face animates corporate representatives and their designers to present design projects across professional and national boundaries. The focus is set on brand development and communication design, product design and architecture.

With this purpose in mind, Face to Face designs, organizes and conducts congresses, seminars and trips for its members – both on its own initiative and together with committed partners.

Looking back

Face to Face can trace its origins back to the year 2000, when Dr. Elke Ritt from the British Council Berlin and Alice Seidler from the British Consulate General in Stuttgart paid a visit to Henning Horn at the Design Center Stuttgart. It was here that the idea was born of bringing together successful graphic designers from the two countries – and if at all possible to invite their clients as well. So it was that the first Face to Face conference was held in 2001.

The association

Since 2004, Face to Face e.V. has worked to ensure that the common “Face to Face” idea has been put into practice and further developed in a variety of event formats and at different venues.

The association’s simple structure and the open way in which its constitution is formulated, without tying it to any one design discipline, mean that Face to Face e.V. is very flexible. This is intended to be of benefit to its members, to the people it enters into dialogue with, and to its actions.